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1: Will you have kid/s, adopt, foster, or just get cats? How many?
i don't even know. i mean yeah, kids are annoying and expensive, but i'd still love to raise my own little rebels? it's confusing man

2: Do you think you'd survive during an apocalypse?
i'd love to, but nope

3: If you could live in any fictional universe, which would it be?
magic's multiverse... they have fucking everything, man

4: Would you go into space for a year with the technology we have now? What if you were paid $1,000,000?

myself/talon, 20 times

6: Are you going to donate your body to science once you die?
maybe i don't even know man

7: Favorite anime line? Come on, we know you have one.
"people die if they are killed" -shirou emiya
(hate fsn, love that line)

8: Could you be a trainee if SNK were real?

9: Would you rather be able to shrink to 15 cm or grow to 15 meters?
shrink, hide in places man

10: If you could spend $1000 in any physical store in your town, where would you go and what stuff would you buy?
i hate all the stores here ok

11: Given the opportunity, would you want to live forever?

12: The ability to change sex at will or change height (only 3"-6"8) at will?
sex, easily

13: You have to dress in clothing from one time period other than the 21st century: what time period do you dress from?
is the 20th century ok? the 60's through 90's had cool shit

14: If you had the power to kill humans with no punishment, would you do it?

15: 15 things on your bucket list.
i don't fucking care

16: You're a shapeshifter- whose/what appearance will you most often steal?
andy biersack's significant other

17: There's a highly dangerous demon possessing a young girl, but you don't know how to get the demon out without stabbing the girl. Do you do it, or lock the demon up and take the chance that it could break out?
do it

18: Rake dung at the zoo all your life with an extraordinarily high salary or your dream job on only enough money for rent and ramen?
dream job, fuck zoos

19: Ice cream in a cone or bowl?
i don't even care

20: Your home planet is destroyed, but you and 20 others have made it to a faraway planet with earth-like atmosphere. For your species to survive, you must act as slaves to the planet's inhabitants. Do you kill your crewmates to let humanity die in dignity or subject billions of future humans to a life of suffering with a slim chance of escape?
stop this is hard

21. How do you picture yourself spending your 21st birthday? If it already passed, how did you spend it?
it happened already and it wasn't very exciting... at all

22: Your top 10 fetishes?
shit that's way too disturbing to share

23: What do you disagree with your country's government most about, if anything?
everything, man

24: An invention you wish you could create?
idk man

25: One thing you could never forgive a friend for doing?
saying she'll take me to parties but ruining my life instead... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. XD

26: Swim in a pool of jell-o or sleep on a bed of giant marshmallows?
marshmallows. soft as fuck bro

27: Something negative you think about yourself more often than you should.
"i have no life" and "nobody likes me"

28: What shows would you raise a kid watching? What age for each?
all my animes. all of them.

29: You keep seeing your doppleganger and nobody believes you, what do you do?
meet up with them, hatch some sort of epic plan or something

30: Live in a world without color or a world without visible texture?
...fuck this

31: Would you live in a zoo exhibit for the rest of your life to save all animals wrongly kept in captivity?

32: Would you rather have occasional visions of the future or the past?

33: If you could bring one celebrity back to life and have dinner with them, who would it be?
but all my band members are alive...

34: Have the ability to breathe underwater or jump up to 50 feet high?
jumping, that would be fun

35: Will 'peace on Earth' ever be possible?

36: Do you find storms peaceful?
sort of, fuck idk

37: Crunchy peanut butter or creamy?

38: How do you think humanity will be doing by the year 5013?

39: What was the last song you had stuck in your head?
girls' generation

40: Picture of the view out your bedroom window?

41: First thing you'd do if hostile aliens invaded Earth?
try to join them, maybe

42: Could you eat a person if it were your only chance of survival and they died of causes other than you stabbing them for food?

43: One object to represent your childhood?
the internet

44: Most recent item you purchased?
a big ass box for all my mtg shit

45: How much does your follower count matter to you?
not really

46: What would your dream house look like?
big and fancy, man

47: How cringe-worthy was your worst youth phase? Dare we ask what it was?
when i was obsessed with pink things, gaahhhhhh

48: The floor is lava! How screwed are you right now?

49: Describe your town in 5 words or less.

50: Live in a cardboard box on the streets, but have enough money to eat out at gourmet restaurants every day or live in a manor and be paid minimum wage?
i can't decide, do i get to stay at people's houses instead of sleeping in a box?

51: You have 5 seconds to type a fake name for yourself.


52: Draw your URL with your eyes closed and show us a picture.

53: Top ten fictional characters you'd bang?
talon, ten times

54: What's the strangest dream you've ever had?

55: You become a magical girl, what was your wish?
more wishes!

56: Have you ever caught fireflies? How many?

57: Pretend you're yourself from the future giving advice to yourself from now.
"stop playing so much mtg and get a boyfriend"

58: What culture do you find most fascinating? Why? How would function in that society?
hm... japan is nice, but i couldn't live there at all

59: Your house is on fire and all other living beings have safely exited. What's the one thing you grab?

60: Be honest- what was your first URL? *cringe*

61: Describe your feet in as much detail as possible.
fat and blistery

62: Just how smart do you think animals are? What about emotional intelligence?
smart enough to find all the best food and love the humans who give them food

63: What is your sexuality? Do you think it's true that 'everyone's a little gay'? Why/why not?

64: Name a food you could eat 10 pounds of in one sitting.

65: What are your top ten ice cream flavors?
ten of them?... i don't even eat icecream anymore tho

66: Do you believe in demons/spirits/the supernatural?
i'd like to

67: Serious question here- how do you feel about socks?

68: Write a haiku about the last food you ate.
potato pota-
to potato potato
portal 2 reference

69: ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

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Atticus Starr
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
20, Scorpio, INTP, aspring fashion designer, obsessive Allen Walker fangirl, Yugioh player, darkness lover, generally all around awesome person.

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